Watch Live Sports in Virtual Reality
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The world’s first virtual reality platform
to watch live sports with friends
Watch together with friends in a virtual suite
Anywhere in the world
Works with cardboard for iOS & Android, Samsung GearVR
Launch the app
Attach to VR headset
Watch the game !
LiveLike is a VR platform company that enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences
Fully Immersive
Bring the thrill of game-day stadium experiences into fans’ living rooms using Virtual Reality's full immersive and social potential
Built for Broadcasters
Livelike's live streaming apps can be branded under any brand (as a white label) so broadcasters can leverage their content under their own image
Mobile Platform
Works with cardboard for iOS, Android and Samsung GearVR
LiveLike is the future of live sports viewing, enabling teams and sports broadcasters to reach socially-connected viewers through the emerging medium of virtual reality
It’s as simple as adding one lens to a camera and sending us the stream.
  • Go to market rapidly with existing cameras and technology
  • Reach viewers around the world on iPhone (iOS), Android, and Oculus devices
  • Engage fans with added content like stats, replays, and sponsor messages
Sports teams and broadcasters
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